Inside1260 Giving Society

Join us to make new friends and champion the artists of our time. 

Your investment will advance artistic careers, new creative works, and Ragdale’s school initiatives—a continuum of on-campus and off-campus outreach programs to enliven education by matching Ragdale Fellows with regional teachers and their students.

Levels of Participation

ADVOCATE $1,500 Level ($1,300 tax-deductible)
Benefits on the right plus:
– Season tickets for your entire household to the Ragdale Ring summer performances

COLLECTOR $3,000 Level ($2,670 tax-deductible)
Benefits above and at right plus:
– Limited edition artwork by a noted Ragdale artist

PALADIN $5,000 Level ($4,320 tax-deductible)
Benefits above and at right plus:
– Two VIP tickets to Novel Affair’s Saturday evening
– A studio tour for up to 12 guests, including demonstrations / talks by visiting artists

EDUCATOR $10,000 Level ($9,320 tax-deductible)
Benefits above and at right plus:
– Year-long recognition as the underwriter of an 18- or 25-day Ragdale in Schools Fellowship
– Reception with an artist fellow, school representative, and up to 12 guests

ARCHITECT $20,000 Level ($19,320 tax-deductible)
Benefits above and at right plus:
– Option to support either a second Ragdale in Schools fellowship or enjoy an 8-hour facility rental in the Ragdale House, Meadow Studio, or Ragdale Ring. The rental may be gifted to a nonprofit or school.

*during residency breaks; based on availability

Our sincere thanks to the following Inside1260 members

Alison Aldrich and John Varones
Jane and Howard Alt
Susan and Stephen Baird
Prue and Francis Beidler
Beth and Bruce Boyd
Kelli and Stephen Brannan
Solange and William Brown
Neville and John Bryan
Lynne and Rhett Butler
Chris Chandler
Helen Degen Cohen
Karen and Tuey Connell
Richard Cortesi
Winifred and Robert Crawford
Sandy and Roger Deromedi
Annette and David Dezelan
Heidi Durrow and Daryl Walsh
Caren and Erle Furbeyre
Mary and Richard Gray
Hannah Judy Gretz
Roberta and Philip Haebler
Margaret Hart
Molly Heizer
Stephanie and Roger Hochschild
Jerri and Dave Hoffmann
Sherry and Richard Holson
Marci and Ronald Holzer
Brooke Hummer and Grove Mower
Michele and Troy Ihlanfeldt
Fred Klein and Frieda Jacobs
Adrienne Johns and Jim Whiteley
Carolyn and Walker Johnson
Lisa and Brian Krause
Louisa and Nelson Levy
Toni and David Mathis
Judith and Vince McBrien
Sally McDonald and Richard Levin
Margot McMahon and Daniel Burke
Sarah Means
Madonna and John Merritt
Jean and Frank Mohr
Kelly Morgan
Addie and Harold Morrison
Janet and Matthew Nagel
Carol and Stephen Newman
Audrey Niffenegger
Rosemary O’Connell and Kevin Keleghan
Jay Owen
Jeanna and John Park
Mary and Joseph Plauche
Diane Quinn
Loan and Norbert Riedel
Cathy and Philip Rosborough
Roberta Rubin
Melanie and Michael Rummel
Yuh and Marcus Schabacker
Susie Schlachterhaufen
Barbra Schumann
France Shaw and Bob Perelman
Martha and Howard Simpson
Nancy and Adrian Smith
Jill and Leif Soderberg
Susan and Jay Trees
Phoebe and Tad Turner
Marin and Sandy Turner
Julie and Steve Valenti
Pamela and David Waud
Penny and Peter West


  • – Invitation to at least three unique and exclusive INSIDE1260 events annually
  • – VIP seating and privileges at artists’ presentations, performances, and readings
  • – VIP parking for special events
  • – Special workshops and tours for youth and adults
  • – Recognition in published materials and on the Ragdale website
“Ragdale opened up for me the mystery of the creative process and the devotion to craft. On
the surface, Ragdale is an artists’ residency. Underneath, it is so much more. Ragdale is an incubator for creativity that reaches across a broad swath
of artists, whether they are professionals, students, teachers, or business men
and women.”

—Grove Mower, Ragdale Trustee


To learn more about INSIDE1260, contact Laura Kramer at 847.234.1063 x24 or

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