Excerpt from How to Make Empanadas

I am not loved. I learned this by how this world, this country treats me and others who look like me. Brown people don’t get love. I was born here in America, the new America. The America where you’re stopped by the Policias to show your badge. If you’re brown or black you get a badge with a serial number, photo, and chip that displays your life bio when entered into a slot on a Citizen Device. If you’re white you get nothing not even a glance. So I stay inside as much as I can.

Shalida is originally from Cleveland, Ohio. She was born with a rare birth defect called sacral agenesis. She has used a wheelchair since the age of three. For high school she attended the performing arts school Cleveland School of the Arts. Her senior year she started her first blog. She started her current blog S.A. the Writer in 2013. It’s a lifestyle blog where she shares her life experiences with being disabled and mental illnesses. Shalida studied journalism at Point Park University before taking a break after her sophomore year to focus on her anxiety and depression.

In 2016 she was chosen as a Top Digital Influencer by the organization Latism for her activism and advocacy for the Afro-Latina community and disabled community. She’s currently writing for her blog and working on her first short story collection. Shalida is an intersectional feminist and activist for minorities.

Shalida Dobbins Fiction Writer