Excerpt from Smart Ass Cripple
I’m a proud graduate of a state-operated boarding school for cripples which I affectionately refer to as the Sam Houston Institute of Technology (SHIT). If someone organized a reunion of my graduating class, it wouldn’t take much work. It could probably be held at the nearest Starbucks because there were only nine people in my graduating class. We were lucky to have a commencement at all. A lot of these state cripple schools don’t have a commencement because commencement comes from the word commence, which means you’re going somewhere. Cripples in state schools ain’t hardly going anywhere, which is why it makes me laugh when those places are often referred to as “developmental” centers. What the hell is any cripple dumped in a state school developing, besides butt callouses?

Mike Ervin is a writer and disability rights activist living in Chicago’s Printers Row neighborhood. He is proprietor of the satire blog Smart Ass Cripple. He also writes regular columns for progressive.org and New Mobility magazine. As a playwright, Mike’s plays have been produced throughout the United States.

Mike Ervin Playwright/ Screen Writer


Chicago, IL