to descend upon ourselves
to descend upon yourself
while holding dusk as you dawn
witnessing your brimming rise
necessitates no other approval, but your word

waiting for another’s approval
is a brittle aluminum fence overtaken
by a weather of perspective binding
you, a plot, inside someone else’s fence
casting you from you, a nation amongst nations

and you, a field of wild nettle, needs water
to liquidate those knowings that aren’t your own
for what you know is an ancestral asset
irrigating your rise, bounding past worn posts
attempting to conceal you undetectable
because your dialect is a polyrhythmic reality

Librecht Baker is a member the Long Beach, California based Dembrebrah West African Drum & Dance Ensemble. Baker has been a fellow in the VONA/Voices poetry workshop as well as the Lambda Literary playwright workshop. She is also a Sundress Publications` Assistant Editor. Educationally, Baker earned a MFA in Interdisciplinary Arts from Goddard College and currently works, however, remotely as a Writing Coach for Goddard College`s Writing Center. Additionally, Baker is an Adjunct English Instructor at a Los Angeles, California Community College. Lastly, her poetry appears in Solace: Writing Refuge, & LGBTQ Women of Color, Bone Bouquet (issue 8.1),Thank You for Swallowing (Volume 2 Issue 2), Writing the Walls Down: A Convergence of LGBTQ Voices and other publications. Her full-length book of poetry, vetiver, is now available from Finishing Line Press.

Librecht Baker Playwright

Long Beach, CA