Excerpt from “Cowboy Camp”
Way back in the day, when the Sox still played at Comiskey, before Marshall Field’s became Macy’s, and the Sears Tower changed its name too, I witnessed the demolition of my neighborhood; one family at a time, brick by brick. The high rises weren’t the only thing we lost that summer, but it seemed to set off a ripple of events that tether me to a group of girls, to that block and that time, no matter how many miles I put between myself and Chicago, no matter what the city builds on that plot of dirt.

Latoya Wolfe studied Creative Writing at Columbia College Chicago and Youth Ministry at the Theological Seminary at Andrews University. She has enjoyed working as a Mentor, Extended-Day Coordinator, Women`s Dean, Youth Pastor and Nanny in Chicago and Southern California. Her writing has appeared in African Voices, Chicago Journal, Chicago Reader, Hairtrigger 27, and Warpland: A Journal of Black Literature and Ideas. She is the recipient of the Zora Neale Hurston-Bessie Head Fiction Award, the Union League Civic & Arts Foundation Short Story Competition, the Betty Shifflet/John Schultz Short Story Award and a Follet Fellowship for Graduate Study at Columbia College Chicago. She currently teaches at North Park University and tutors at the City Colleges of Chicago. While at Ragdale, she plans to crank out a first draft of her second book, and short story collection

Latoya Wolfe Fiction Writer

Chicago, IL