Jasmin Mara Lopez is a journalist and radio producer based in New Orleans, Louisiana. Born in Los Angeles with familial roots in México, her childhood was impacted by issues experienced on both sides of the U.S.-México border. This instilled in her a strong passion for immigrant rights, youth empowerment, and social change.

Jasmin is also the founder and director of Project Luz, a program that brings audio and photo storytelling workshops to youth in marginalized communities. She recently received recognition for her documentary Deadly Divide: Migrant Death on the Border, and is a proud recipient of the Society of Professional Journalists’ Excellence in Journalism Award, Pacific Media Workers Guild’s Freelance Journalism Award, and the Association of Independents in Radio New Voices Scholarship.

At Ragdale, Jasmin will produce Silent Beauty, an experimental audio narrative that explores her family’s history with child sexual abuse and a culture of silence.

Jasmin Lopez Audio Producer

New Orleans, LA