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Dear Friends,

The first night I slept at Ragdale, I woke with a start to see a pulsing blue light on the ceiling. I felt no fear, only fascination, and watched the light until I fell asleep. In the kitchen the next morning, I was told the light was the ghost that lived in my room. I don’t know if the light was, indeed, a ghost; maybe it was simply good energy, the residue of all the love, thought, and devotion of the artists who’d lived there before me. Still, whatever it was, over the next three weeks, I was able take the risks with my work that I’d been afraid to take at home. I ran across the prairie, had intense conversations with other artists, and spent joyful days in the quiet, calm, separate space that Ragdale so generously affords its artists. The space is not only physical; it is psychic, as well, and I have carried it into my life these past few years. When the work isn’t going well, the idea that Ragdale exists in the world, feeding and nurturing other artists, is a great comfort.

Please help to ensure that the spirit of Ragdale is there to bolster and inspire other artists. Join me in supporting Ragdale’s 40th anniversary campaign.

With gratitude,

Lauren Groff
Author + Ragdale Alumna


“Tears of appreciation in my eyes as I sit down to write in this treasure trove
of hope and struggle and breakthroughs. I found melodies here. I found space. Freedom. Time. I found me here. I thought I was missing but here I am.”

Anne-Marie Akin, singer-songwriter
Chicago, IL