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Creative Freedom

"Sometimes I wonder why I have moved so far into the world of words that the images don’t come, but then I figure it’s probably temporary. As long as I’m making something it doesn’t matter what form it takes. Good luck, and good working, whoever comes next."
–Audrey Niffenegger, writer
Chicago, IL


“Back into the world again — but braver because of being here. Love to all that follow.”
–Luisa A. Igloria, Poet
Norfolk, VA

Photo by Sheri Wills

A Creative Setting

“The ‘lake-effect’ snow has nothing on the ‘Ragdale effect’ on creative production. Drop your bags, take a walk on the prairie, pick up a pen and you’re off…”
–Beth Feldman Brandt, poet
Philadelphia, PA

Studio Work

“The barnhouse studio is a lovely place to work, the way the light from the half-moon window marches across the wall and out the French doors. The yellow room is full of the memories of its previous inhabitants. I had wild dreams here. I hope you do as well.”
–Andrew Waits, photographer
Seattle, WA


Finding Inspiration

“This place has so many voices, and such stillness. Dreams expand here, visions take new turns. You never go away empty-handed, and you always leave something behind.”
–Margaret Lewis, Playwright
Chicago, IL

Dining Together

“Ragdale is a magical place that senses what’s missing from your life and somehow, answers those needs.”
–constance s. pohlman, visual artist
los angeles, CA

Photo by Ryan Greaves

Getting Things Done

"Sitting out on the porch in the cool morning air enjoying a first cup of tea and writing for that first silent hour ... what a great pleasure! The Ragdale magic continues."
–Mary Winegarden, poet
San francisco, CA

Comfortable Surroundings

"Being at Ragdale has been like coming home. The time I’ve spent here has felt safe, warm, familiar. And I worked. I got my mind where I wanted it to be. I wish warmth, safety and clarity to others who come here."
–Joyce Hinnefeld, writer
bethlehem, PA

Breakthrough Moments

“My soul is nourished. I feel like I can create again. Today, I finished a scene that has troubled me for months. That is the magic of this wonderful place.”
–Sara Krueger, screenwriter
Chicago, IL

Supporting the Journey

“Time and space are only the beginning. Feeling cared for and nurtured are also precious gifts. I wrote what I didn’t expect to write. I found the right vessel to hold a painful story. Safety made risk and exploration possible. Thank you for this sanctuary.”
–Nadine Pinede, writer
Bloomington, IN

Stepping Away

“I deeply appreciate this island of simplicity and opportunity in a complicated life and a complicated world.”
–Noël Yovovich, Visual artist
Evanston, IL


“My twelfth stay. How come this place only gets better? How come the muse always shows up? Can I be any more grateful for the gift of Ragdale?”
–Ron Falzone, screenwriter
Chicago, IL

The View

"This is my room and my view… I watch it show off, hour by hour, as it emerges with my coffee at dawn, and rearranges itself hourly with new shadows and sparkles, until it leaves in a slow spectacle of breathtaking beauty, clinging to the last speck of pink in midnight blue."
–Rita Dragonette, writer
Chicago, IL

Photo by Judith Cooper

Encouraging Peers

"The companionship here can’t be beat. This is a house of friendly spirits. I can’t thank you enough. Keep the fires burning."
–Paula Farkas, writer

A Gift

“Lucky are the ones who set foot on this property.”
–Jane Fulton Alt, photographer
evanston, il

Photo By Artist